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Train to be a Career or Employment Advisor

Career Counselling is a valuable addition to your teaching, counselling, management, life-coaching, or community services qualification. It can also improve parents' ability to help their children choose suitable career paths, or student's ability to plan their own career or career change. 

Starting or changing a career can be quite a challenge. Without help, a person can easily become discouraged or overwhelmed. If you want to help others (or yourself) make sound career decisions and set realistic career goals, this course will set you on that path.

Effective counselling requires a certain predictive ability that is based on the situation as it really is, which is often not the situation as the client perceives it, or as the client or counsellor would like it to be. One aspect of informed prediction will be, of course, a sound knowledge of the current job market and opportunities, which is an essential part of the Careers Counsellor’s professional knowledge. Another aspect of informed prediction will be a realistic assessment of the client’s current and likely future state, which includes attitude, knowledge, skills, experience, interpersonal skills etc.




Have you always wanted to develop online learning courses?


You can! Gain skills and develop yourself and your C.V. or resume! Catch the eye of employers.  

This short course is ideal for professional development for anyone already working in education, or works well for anyone starting out and jumping into developing courses for the online learner! 

This course is completely unique! It is written and has been developed and delivered by people with 30 years experience in the sector. 

  • Find out what matters in courses delivered online. 
  • Find out how to engage learners in their student experience. 
  • Work on curriculum and qualification development. 
  • Explore some of the keys concepts of online and home based education. 
  • Understand the regulation and frameworks form the basis on which online education is developed. 

Online learning is an essential and increasingly popular mode of education. It's necessity in training programs and learning and development department is creating a big demand for course developers. While many people are skilled and trained in education, often there's more to learn about delivering education in the online environment. 



Want to teach People How to Learn through Home Studies?

Learn to deliver education through distance education modes, including paper based correspondence courses, on line training, video courses, telephone conferencing and e-learning.



Discover the key physical and mental changes which take place over our lifetimes

This course provides a solid introduction to how people's psychology (attitudes/state of mind) develops throughout life. This is a course for people of any age in a counselling, supporting, or teaching capacity, who will benefit from understanding how physiological and psychological changes over the lifespan affect human behaviour. Parents and carers will gain greater insight into issues that present particular challenges at different stages of the lifespan, especially from adolescence to old age.

This subject examines changes across a broad range of topics including: motor skills and other psycho-physiological processes, problem solving abilities, conceptual understanding, acquisition of language, moral understanding, and identify formation, through to relationships, marriage, work-life balance and retirement.



Study to be an Ecotourism Tour Guide with ACS Distance Education

This course develops your ability to organise and conduct ecotourism services including tours & activities. Learn to conduct guided tours, overnight walks and treks, or self guided interpretive walks.


Ecotourism is an industry that has developed hugely in recent years. It reflects both of the aims of modern conservation: management of resources and protection of the environment. Modern ecotourism strives to be sustainable, so that the activities that are taking place can continue to do so.


This course will introduce you to aspects of ecotourism such as:
  • guiding environmental awareness,
  • planning tours,
  • displays and interpretive aids,
  • plant and animal interpretation.



Find out how to facilitate people's learning

To gain a better insight into learning strategies it is necessary to understand how information is processed - from auditory or written information to memory. Having a sound insight into what motivates people to learn and how to address the needs of different types of learners is also paramount.   

This course will help parents, teachers, training officers or others who would like to understand the psychological processes that affect and assist learning. It applies theory and research findings from the field  of psychology to make learning more enjoyable and more likely to succeed.

Understand how people learn, and how to apply that understanding to bring about changes in people of all ages. This course will benefit a wide range of people from parents (understanding of how their children develop) to teachers/trainers and welfare workers or leisure professionals (e.g. youth leaders).



Learn to prepare for and perform basic instructional skills, prepare participation plans, and conduct and evaluate training sessions - relevant to any type of workplace.

This is a little different to other Workplace Trainer courses in that it focuses on "experiential learning". Many of the other courses in this subject area tend to focus on "Competency Based Training"; a way of teaching that focuses heavily on "assessment". Experiential learning in contrast, focuses more on the actual "learning" and less on the assessment.

This course incorporates what is found in a typical "Train the Trainer Course"... and much more!



How to Learn?

Home Studies in Education, School and College operation and Management

This advanced certificate develops unique and highly valuable skills for workplace trainers, teachers or managers in the field of vocational education; with a particular relevance to  both management as it relates to modern and technologically advanced approaches to learning.

It is relevant to both existing teachers, and aspiring educators who wish to break from traditional approaches to education and discover new and more innovative ways of facilitating learning with outcomes that focus on life skills such as networking, problem solving and communicating.




Six reasons why you need to study time management!

· Increase productivity and efficiency 
· Gain a sense of fulfilment 
· Relieve Stress 
· Improve self-discipline 
· Improve your decision-making ability 
· Improve your credibility 

The course helps you uncover why time management is important. You will conduct a time management audit. You will learn practical tools and strategies designed to help focus on what matters most.