Business Coach

Business coaches are generally those professionals who support their clients in difficulties relating to business.   
A business coach will focus on how the individual needs to change in relation to their business, work or method of working.     A business coach may look at a range of issues, such as -

  • interpersonal relations
  • self-esteem and confidence
  • development of physical well being
  • public and professional image
  • personal finances or business
  • career development
  • practical life skills, such as time management

A business coach will also focus more on how these relate to the person’s business and work.

The business coach is results oriented, and his or her main tasks are to help clients – recognise, overcome and then remove barriers to personal growth and development. Then to develop strategies for achieving goals that will enable the individual to develop his or her full potential. Like the sports coach, the business coach will be required to accurately assess the client’s aptitudes, strengths, weaknesses, needs and goals in order to arrive at a programme that is specifically tailored to that individual.

Unlike a sports coach, however, business coaches may also have to manage a client’s reluctance, lack of motivation, inaccurate perceptions and other psychological barriers to effective self-management. Life coaching is primarily about helping clients develop the skills and attitudes that will enable them to manage themselves and their own lives, but business coaches will also take into account their business and working life. 

Business coaching can help a business owner, manager or director to – 

  • Make better decisions
  • reach their goals faster
  • set better goals
  • improve their relationships

Business coaching usually involves working with the individual on THEIR problems, so every client will receive a different form of business coaching, individualised to their needs. So a business coach may work with a business person in one of two ways –

  • To help them as an individual perform better –
    o How they respond to staff
    o Their work life balance
    o Their organisational structure
    o Delegation
    o Staff training
    o Motivating staff
    o Better management skills
    o Time management etc. etc.
  • To help their business perform better –
    o Looking at ideas for the structuring of the business
    o Employment of staff
    o Time management with staff

Being a manager or business owner can be a lonely job at times. So a business coach can be there as a sounding board and confidant to help the business person to voice their issues and then help the person to find solutions to their problems effectively and quickly.  

Business coaching is generally considered to be a good method of intervention to improve a business or the way the business person works, as it can be 

  • time efficient
  • effective
  • Is individually tailored to the person’s requirements
  • Is outcome focused.

So business coaching -

  • Is a one to one service for an individual business person, aimed at improving the success of that individual or their business.  
  • Focuses on the important factors and helps the individual to focus on their goals and to ACT on those goals. 
  • Helps individuals grow their business, give support and also improve their overall life hopefully. 
  • Provides skills and knowledge. The business coach will also share with the business person different tools and skills to use in their business and personal life for the short and long term success.


Business coaching is becoming more and more popular as business men and women look to improve their businesses and also their work/life balance. 
Business coaches may work for larger organisations, but it is more likely that a business coach operates on a freelance, self employed basis.  There are a lot of businesses out there and therefore, there is a lot of potential. Technology and the way we are working changes all the time, and people can struggle to catch up. A business coach can be there to step in and help clients to see different ways of working.  As such, there is a lot of potential business out there.
Some business coaches may specialise in a niche area such as manufacturing businesses or small businesses, whilst others will offer their services to a range of businesses.

Risks and Challenges

With any freelance, self-employed work, there is a risk that work may not be available or the work will dry up. It is important to network and market yourself to get work and maintain your work levels. A high quality service will also ensure that your reputation and work will pass onto other businesses. 
It is essential that you remain up to date on business theories and technological changes that could affect businesses.

How to become a Business Coach
A course in Business Coaching is important as a way to get started in this field. Even if you are an experienced business person, you may not necessarily have the skills required fort he coaching and teaching aspects of the job.  There is no set way to become a business coach, but a business coaching course is definitely a good starting point.
However, some business may have trained as life coaches and then choose to specialise as a business coach. 

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